Ribbon Glitter Shapes, Pink Awareness Ribbons Shaped Glitter 2oz Resealable Bag (56 Grams) 4mm PET Polyester Breast Cancer Awareness Glitter

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Ships January 30, 2023

• Material: Polyester PET
• Type: Shaped Glitter - Metallic
• Size: 4mm
• 2oz net weight 
• Packaged in a Plastic Resealable Bag

• Epoxy
• Snow Globes
• Nails
• Tumblers
• Slime
• Arts
• Crafts
• Paintings
• much more!

Polyester glitter is solvent resistant making it perfect for many crafts. Glitter comes in heat-sealed holographic zipper bags which are resealable after opening.

*Sellers Disclaimer*
We make every effort to present the actual color of the product. However, color may vary depending on the material, camera, and/or the device used to view the product.
Once received, the buyer must use the product correctly to ensure the best possible result. Misuse of any product will not result in a refund or exchange.

Pink Ribbon Glitter, Glitter for Nails, Glitter for Hair Gel, Glitter for Face Gel, Glitter for resin, Confetti Glitter. Solvent Resistant, Breast Cancer Glitter, 

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