Glitter is like fairy dust for kids, adding a touch of magic and sparkle to their creative endeavors. Whether you're a parent, teacher, or caregiver, using glitter in crafts can be an exciting and memorable experience for children. However, it's essential to ensure safety while enjoying these glittery projects. In this blog, we'll explore some safe and fun craft ideas using glitter that are perfect for kids of all ages.

1. Glitter Greeting Cards

Creating glittery greeting cards is a fantastic way for kids to express their creativity while making personalized gifts for loved ones. Here's how to get started:


Blank cards or cardstock paper
Glitter glue pens
Stamps and ink pads
Stickers or embellishments
Safety scissors

Fold the blank cards or cut the cardstock paper into the desired card size.
Let the kids use glitter glue pens to draw pictures, write messages, or add designs to the cards.
Allow the glitter glue to dry, and then embellish the cards with stickers, stamps, or additional glitter accents.
Write a heartfelt message inside, and you have a beautiful, homemade greeting card!

2. Glitter Slime

Slime-making is all the rage among kids, and adding glitter to the mix takes it to a whole new level. Here's a simple glitter slime recipe:


White school glue
Glitter (various colors)
Mixing bowls and spoons
Airtight containers for storage

In one bowl, mix 1/2 cup of white school glue with 1/2 cup of water and a generous amount of glitter.

In another bowl, mix 1 teaspoon of borax with 1 cup of warm water until the borax is completely dissolved.

Slowly pour the borax solution into the glue mixture and stir continuously.
As you mix, the slime will form. Remove it from the bowl and knead it with your hands until it's no longer sticky.

Store the glitter slime in airtight containers for hours of glittery, squishy fun.

3. Glittery Paper Plate Masks

Kids love to play dress-up, and making their own glittery masks can be an exciting craft project. Here's what you'll need:


Paper plates
Safety scissors
Elastic cord or ribbon
Glitter glue or craft glue
Craft feathers, sequins, and other embellishments

Cut eye holes and a mouth hole in the paper plate to create a mask shape.
Let the kids decorate their masks with glitter glue, feathers, sequins, and any other embellishments they like.

Allow the masks to dry thoroughly, and then attach elastic cord or ribbon to the sides to secure them in place.
Now, it's time for a costume parade!

4. Glittery Rock Painting

Rock painting is a versatile and creative activity that kids of all ages can enjoy. Adding glitter to painted rocks makes them even more eye-catching:


Smooth, clean rocks
Acrylic paints
Glitter paint or glue
Newspaper for workspace

Start by cleaning and drying the rocks thoroughly.
Let the kids paint designs, animals, or patterns on the rocks with acrylic paint.
After the paint has dried, add glitter accents using glitter paint or glue.
Place the decorated rocks around the garden, or hide them in your neighborhood for others to find. It's a fun and glittery twist on a treasure hunt!

5. Glittery Playdough

Homemade playdough is easy to make and can be customized with glitter for added fun:


1 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 cup salt
2 teaspoons cream of tartar
1 cup water
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
Glitter (various colors)

In a saucepan, combine the flour, salt, cream of tartar, water, and vegetable oil.
Stir over low heat until the mixture thickens and forms a ball of dough.
Remove the dough from the heat and allow it to cool.
Knead the cooled dough until it's smooth and pliable.
Add glitter to the dough and knead it until the glitter is evenly distributed.
Store the glittery playdough in an airtight container for hours of sensory play.


Introducing glitter into kids' crafts can be a delightful and memorable experience, sparking their creativity and imagination. These safe and fun glitter craft ideas provide hours of entertainment while allowing kids to explore their artistic abilities. Remember to supervise younger children, especially when using small craft supplies, and have a blast creating glittery masterpieces together! Enjoy the sparkle and magic that glitter brings to your crafting adventures with kids.

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