Wooden Bead Tassel Key Ring with Wood Disc for Monogramming - Clearance

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Introducing our Wooden Bead Tassel Key Rings – the perfect canvas for personalization! Crafted with care, these key rings offer both style and functionality. Here's why you'll love them:

  • Unique Design: Our key rings feature a striking 16mm wood bead, adding a touch of natural elegance to your daily essentials.

  • Customization Opportunity: Get creative with these key rings! They are ideal for monogramming using permanent vinyl, allowing you to showcase your unique style or create personalized gifts for loved ones.

  • Secure Attachment: Each key ring is equipped with a reliable lobster claw clasp, ensuring your keys are securely fastened. No more fumbling when you need quick access to your keys!

  • Leopard Bead Detail: The Leopard Bead is made of high-quality silicone, adding a trendy and eye-catching element to your keychain.

  • Chic Tassel: A 2.5-inch cotton tassel adds a touch of flair and charm to your key ring, making it a stylish accessory that complements your style.

  • Versatile Length: With a total length of 5 inches, including the tassel, and 6 inches with the key ring included, our key rings offer the perfect balance between aesthetics and practicality.

  • Wooden Disc Accent: The 2-inch wooden disc adds a rustic and organic feel to your keychain, blending seamlessly with the natural wood bead.

Our Wood Bead Key Rings are a versatile and stylish addition to your everyday carry. Whether you're keeping track of your keys or adding a personalized touch to your accessories, these key rings are your go-to choice. Elevate your keychain game with our Wood Bead Key Rings – where fashion meets function!




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