Wood Bead Bracelet Key Ring with Black Stripes and Leopard Embossed Wood Beads

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Elevate your style with our one-of-a-kind Black Striped and Leopard Embossed Wood Bead Monogram Bracelet, a stunning accessory that seamlessly blends sophistication and a touch of the wild. This bracelet is a statement piece that speaks to both your fashion sensibilities and your individuality.

Key Features:

  1. 16mm Natural Wood Beads: Our bracelet features 16mm natural wood beads that are adorned with striking black stripes and leopard embossing. The combination of these textures and patterns creates a captivating visual contrast that is truly unique.

  2. Luxurious 3" Suede Tassel: A lavish 3-inch suede tassel adds a touch of opulence to the bracelet. The natural color of the suede complements the wood beads beautifully, creating a harmonious and eye-catching look.

  3. Customizable 2" Natural Wood Disc: Personalize your accessory by adding your own monogram to the 2-inch natural wood disc. This disc serves as a canvas for your unique expression, enhancing the bracelet's individuality and sentimental value.

  4. Secure Gold Plated Lobster Claw: The large gold-plated lobster claw clasp not only provides a secure closure but also adds a hint of opulence to the design. It ensures your bracelet stays in place, no matter your daily activities.

  5. Matching Key Ring: The matching key ring offers practicality and style in one. Use it to organize your keys or to attach additional charms and accessories for a personalized touch.

  6. Versatile Sizing: The bracelet is designed to accommodate various wrist sizes, stretching from 8 inches up to 9.5 inches. Its stretchable nature ensures a comfortable fit for most wrists.

Our Black Striped and Leopard Embossed Wood Bead Monogram Bracelet is a true testament to your unique style. With its striking pattern and customizable monogram, it's the perfect accessory to make a bold fashion statement or to give as a thoughtful, personalized gift.


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